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› Board Certified Certified Cardiologist
› Echocardiogram
› Treadmill Stress Test with Echo

  (Stress Echo)

› LEV for possible DVT
› Carotid Ultrasound
› AAA Scan  
› Cardiology Consults
› Same day/next day appointments
› Truly affordable cash pricing for your    patients

Referring Doctors - Cardiovascular Imaging 

Extremely affordable cash pricing.

We do not accept insurance. Our pricing for stand-alone services will provide great value to your patients. Why send them to a facility to satisfy a deductible payment when we can do the studies at incredibly reduced rates? Our fee schedule is available to you upon request.

Cardiology consults available. 

One time only cardiology consults can be performed on demand. Event monitor studies are always available as well.

Stop waiting. 

We are happy to provide stand-alone imaging services to your patients. Don't wait weeks to get the results you need today.

Our echo-vascular lab can perform echos, stress echos, LEVs for DVT, carotid ultrasound, ABI and AAA scans on demand. Your study can often be performed today when the patient leaves your office. 

​Comprehensive reports will be faxed to your office the following day. 

Stand Alone Studies