Your life is too precious to WAIT!

Expert healthcare when you need it.

Accepting New Patients

​​Veritas Executive Healthcare

24/7 Access. 

Removing insurance from the equation creates an environment that is more efficient and focused on patient care. Doctors and staff will take their time with you and really get to know you. You will get to know us as well. We are available to you wherever you are 24/7.

Welcome home!

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your medical dollars deliver care when you need it. No more waiting for appointments. No more dealing with call centers. No more waiting for the insurance company to approve the care you need right now.

Your Privacy Matters. 

Your personal information will never be shared without your permission. 

No Insurance, No mess.

Dealing with insurance companies has become increasingly more time consuming and prevents your doctors and nurses from being able to provide you with the time and attention you deserve. We minimize third party interference.

Monthly premiums and high deductibles are two major reasons patients choose to pay cash for routine care.
​We believe that insurance benefits and deductibles should be used for specialist care, procedures and emergencies.