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Accepting New Patients

​​Veritas Executive Healthcare

We will diagnose and treat these and other cardiovascular issues:

Afib - atrial fibrillation                                 P.A.D. - peripheral arterial disease                  Aneurysm                                                     Pacemaker and Defibrillator Management 

C.A.D. - coronary artery disease                 Palpitations

C.H.F. - congestive heart failure                 Pulmonary Hypertension

Claudication                                                 Arrhythmia - heart rhythms

High Blood Pressure - hypertension            Stroke Prevention

High Cholesterol - hyperlipidemia

D.V.T. - diagnosis and treatment of blood clots in the legs

Cardiovascular Care

Annual Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.

Membership begins with your cardiovascular risk assessment. The screening will include a treadmill stress test with an ultrasound of the heart, a carotid ultrasound to determine stroke risk and a AAA scan to look for aneurysms.

These tests are critical in terms of early diagnosis and the prevention of major events or conditions.

› Board Certified Internist who is also a   Board Certified Cardiologist
› Caring staff dedicated to your needs
› Appointments on demand
› 24/7 access to staff
› Comprehensive individual care plan
› Annual cardiovascular risk                      assessment
› No co-pays or hidden fees 
› Privacy 
› Pre-negotiated discounted pricing for    imaging and other specialist care
› Annual comprehensive lab work

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